Understanding the Inbound Marketing Strategy and its Application in your Business

Inbound marketing involves the marketing initiatives that pull the customers to the company rather than the company interrupting them with messages about its offering. Many companies have continued to adopt inbound marketing in their marketing initiatives, but many are not yet familiar with the concept. Many of the executives engaged in traditional marketing need to learn and internalize the knowledge to apply it in their field.

The whole concept of inbound marketing can be broken down to three important aspects. These aspects include the online visibility, attracting the leads and converting them to customers, and finally analyzing and improving on the strategy. Online visibility involves a number of decisions such as establishing your marketing goals online and identifying your buyer persona. You then move to establishing what gets them to search for a solution such as the one that you offer. You also establish what other firms are doing to bring the customers to their sites. Once you have established your target, you proceed to develop a website, doing a research of the relevant keywords, do a blog to offer assistance and build a following on social media.

The second aspect of inbound marketing involves nurturing the visitors to the site to become leads. This is done in many ways. The most common technique is to appeal to the visitors by giving them offers. Such offers could tips, books and so forth. The second strategy is by the call to action and landing pages that encourage the customers to click or visit a website and get some content. Once the visitors have become leads by performing a specified action, you the nurture them and guide them in their decision-making process to the purchase decision. After doing this for some time, it is good to sit back and analyze your success rate in the program and areas that require improvement. Know how many visitors became leads and how many leads bought from you. Estimate the cost of guiding the visitors until they buy from you. There are deeper insights on inbound marketing that your team is bound to learn when they visit the inbound marketing conference. Marketing gurus will be on stage to teach actionable marketing insights for your business.


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