The Smart Shoes: Adidas 1.1

The Adidas 1.1 model comes in basketball specific and running specific models. What you get is a shoe that is built smart, to be smart by adjusting to the individual wearer. It is the first shoe that has a memory sensitive motor allowing it to adapt as its user moves.

Adidas 1.1

Buy Adidas 1.1

Consider your last pair of Adidas sneakers. Even without a capacity for memory, they provided top of the line support for your arches, ankles and toes. Now, when you buy the 1.1s you get all of that plus the added adjustable cushion. The motor is run by a small battery, and as you step, whether it is running on concrete or pivoting around a wood court the shoe is sensing the weight of your steps, the speed and lateral movement, to provide constantly adjusting compression.

If you are a trail runner the shoe will firm up to compensate for the soft ground. If you prefer streets and neighborhoods, the padding will increase to promote a softer landing. If you are sliding around the three-point arch, the padding adjusts to make your movements less shocking to your knees.

So when you are looking to buy Adidas sneakers, make your next pair 1.1s. They are the most advanced sport shoes on the market, and even though you will have to keep batteries on hand, the added ability to perform comfortably will make the small investment better. Stop shopping around for a deal. Shop for a shoe that will allow you to exceed even your own expectations.

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