The New Asics Gt 2160 Trainers

Asics is a popular brand in athletic footwear, which has just recently released their new model, Asics GT 2160. Made for athletes who need just a little extra support and padding around the heel and mid sole, these new GT sneakers are perfectly made to fit the needs of any distance runner or endurance athlete.


GT-2160 GTX Asics has invested a lot of research and work into the newest GT shoes. This includes incorporating a large amount of advanced engineering aimed towards primarily maximizing comfort for all long distance runners.


The 2160’s were primarily intended for neutral runners. Joggers with the tendency of pronating  may also benefit from these new trainers. By using Asics new guidance line technology, The Gt 2160’s will actively keep your feet in-line with the body and prevents them from pronating. This contributes to huge decline in all running related injuries.


Advanced Technology Helps With Injury Prevention


The Asics GT 2160’s are made for runners of the neutral type. They may also be used by sportsmen who do not run in a neutral style, as well. The new, advanced technology can actively help to improve your running techniques and lower your risk of injuries caused from running.


Memory Foam Heel Plug


Asics new 2160’s have a built in heel plug, which  forms to, the wearers heels after a couple of runs and secures the foot firmly in the shoe. This method supplies better cushioning and comfort due to a lower tendency of the actual heel shifting around during training. Asics has also added a lot of development into the midsection of these shoes with the addition of the Impact Guidance Line system. This helps to reduce all energy that is used up during training by cutting down the trainers inherent desire to become deformed while jogging. The system seeks to help guide your foot from the front to the back and helps to make these running shoes substantially faster when compared to earlier models.

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