TC Kobe N98 Track Jacket Product Review

Spring is the perfect time to check out what’s new in the athletic apparel industry. One of the garments that any sports-minded man should buy is a great track jacket. Those who like to shop for high-quality athletic clothing can’t go wrong purchasing a garment made by Nike Sportswear. This company has a great selection of comfortable, practical and sporty track jackets for men this season. One of this seasons hottest jackets is the Kobe N98 Track Jacket for men.

Track Jacket

Track Jacket

Inspired By The 1998 Brazilian National Team

The Kobe jacket was inspired by the classic jacket that was designed for the Brazilian National Team. Kobe Bryant added his own inspiration to this design and ended up with a totally modern version of the classically-styled track jacket for his collection. This jacket is fashioned after championship sportswear.

The Kobe N98 Jacket Has Classic Lines And A Modern Edge

For the price, the Kobe jacket offers many unique design features. The style of this track jacket is athletic and yet very sophisticated and hip. The jacket has a full-length zipper and stretchy, comfortable ribbing at the sleeve cuffs, hem and around the neck. The side pockets come with secure zippers and are designed to lay flat against the body for a smooth look.

The sleeves of the Kobe jacket have a snakeskin panel insert and the word “Venomenon” printed on the upper back. This jacket is more than an average track jacket. It makes a strong fashion statement as well. The Venomenon logo, snakeskin inserts and championship origins of this jacket design make it a real winner. The great design is another plus to the practicality of this garment.

Not Just For Sports

Men who need to shop for a good multipurpose jacket can appreciate the versatile qualities of a modern-cut track jacket. The Kobe jacket is sporty and athletic, but at the same time would make a nice jacket to wear to other events that are not sports related. For the price, this jacket design does double duty. Sports-loving men and professional athletes who buy the Kobe N98 Track Jacket this season will end up looking and feeling like true champions.

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