An Introduction To The TC ATH West N98 Nike Jacket

The TC ATH West N98 Nike Jacket can be purchased in either blue or black. This men’s jacket is ideal for a leisurely walk in the park, a casual afternoon out with friends or a day at home alone. The jacket is classic in design and is sure to compliment a man’s appearance.

West N98 Nike Jacket

West N98 Nike Jacket

The TC ATH West N98 Nike Jacket has a stand up collar; this not only keeps the wearer warm but also enhances the style of the jacket. The jacket has stripes and piping on the sleeves as well as two front zip pockets. The Athletics West logo on the chest gives the jacket an even sportier look. The jacket has a full front zip that is both aesthetic and practical. Overall, the jacket gives the wearer an appearance of casual attitude and confidence. It is machine washable, making it practical for a use at the gym or while out for a jog, run or walk.

One can buy this particular jacket quite easily via an internet based shop. The blue TC ATH West N98 Nike jacket can be bought at Buy Here while the black one can be obtained at Buy Sneakers. The price for either jacket is EUR 94.99; the person who wishes to buy either of these jackets would need to first of all sign up for membership with this particular internet based shop.

Overall, the TC ATH West N98 Nike Jacket is a very good buy. It is a well made product that is practical and stylish. This useful jacket can be worn for a variety of occasions and is sure to last a long time.

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