TC ATH West AW77 HZ Hoody Product Review

For UK runners, or outdoor training enthusiasts, the quest to find good, warm dependable outdoor gear is a never ending one. Good gear can make all the difference in the quality of a workout or even the sustainability of a regular workout routine, and as such being sure to buy or shop for the correct athletic apparel to work out in is of paramount importance. In answer to this need, is now offering the Nike Sportswear USA line. While a great deal of the line is for runners or running enthusiasts, it also features apparel fit for a myriad of other sports, such as weight training and tennis, as well as casual clothing that is great for just lounging around the flat, or meeting the mates at the local pub.



Specifically for runners and outdoor trainers in the UK however, given the weather conditions, the particular importance of good jackets and hoodies is understood. As a function of this, the line has a wide selection of both. One particularly good offering of the latter is the TC ATH WEST AW77 HZ Hoody. This fully lined hoody comes with a hood that zips all the way to the chin, and cuffs and waistbands to block out the elements completely. It has a half-zip to make getting in and out of it much quicker and easier, and a kangaroo pocket with a cord management system to keep media-player cords from being tangled or in the way. In terms of style this hoody is also noncompromising with the Latin Detail “Efficiens Non Decorus” (Loosely translated as “Does Not Give Rise to Glory” or “Effective not graceful”) on the right sleeve. In terms of price, for the quality of it, the hoody remains affordable at 79.99 pounds. Through however, members can receive a 5% discount, bringing the price down to 75.99 instead, giving it an even greater value.

For those UK athletes who need to shop for cold or bad weather training gear, the Nike Sportswear USA line is great place to start and any TC ATH WEST AW77 HZ Hoody product review would tell you that it’s an excellent option for all of your training needs.

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