Sportswear USA Nike Product Review

For those in the UK who are looking to buy or shop for great athletic gear, is now carrying the sportswear USA Nike product line. The line offers top notch athletic, sports and sports-casual apparel ranging from serious training wear for the outdoor athletes or casual tees and hoodies for lounging around the flat or hitting the pub with the mates.

While some of the more casual apparel may have a bit of an old-school twinge about it, the serious training wear is as cutting edge as can be, and utilizes the newest fabric technologies available to make the clothes as light, warm, breathable, or otherwise efficient as possible.

Rugby Kobe Shirt

Rugby Kobe Shirt

A lot of the training apparel offered in the line caters to runners (such as the Tech Tight Pants or Tech Capri’s for men or the Nike Slam Short for women), but things such as tennis skirts, and/or stretchable/breathable shirts well suited for weight-training help to balance out the line. Casual clothing is also well diversified within the line as polo shirts such as the GS Chest Stripe, Rugby shirts such as the TC Kobe 1823, and old-school looking shirts such as the women’s Jam-a-rama tee all are all available for those who want to buy or shop for a multitude of different looks. In terms of price, the line is made to be affordable, and virtually everything in it is less than 100 pounds. While the hoodies may be the most expensive products offers (with a price range of 40-100 pounds), the T-shirts are almost all less than 30 pounds, and most pants are under 50.

Although all consumers want the best possible gear to train in, in developing the Sportswear USA line, Nike has shown its appreciation for the importance of looking good while doing it.

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