Adidas TF Prep SL

There are many types of sports, outdoor activities and training exercises that require more protection from the elements. Men who engage in extreme weather sports like cross country skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and triathlon events need to buy specially-designed sports apparel that has thermal qualities. Adidas has created the TF Prep thermal shirt to keep athletes comfortable during outdoor sports.

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The Adidas TF Prep SL For Multi-Sport Use

Thermal tees are perfect for multiple athletic activities. The short-sleeve design of the TF Prep is made for layering under jackets and other apparel without added bulk that could slow down a competitor. Body-hugging design is key during racing competitions to increase speed and reduce drag. Professional down-hill racing, luge racing and any cold weather competition means the need for added thermal protection.

The TF Prep SL Makes Layering Less Bulky For Any Man

You don’t have to be a professional figure skater or champion luge racer to appreciate the benefits of a warm, great fitting thermal tee by Adidas. They work under any type of regular street shirt or jacket. Men who work outside, hobby fishermen and even farmers will enjoy the comfort and warmth of a thermal. The best benefit of the TF Prep is the smooth fit that allows layering without extra bulk. Driving, bike riding, working and moving around is comfortable in the TF Prep.

Adidas For Quality Thermal Protection At The Right Price

Men who need to shop for a good quality, long-lasting thermal tee can’t go wrong with the TS Prep by Adidas. Professional athletes rely on thermal materials to keep their muscles warm, prevent cramping and increase their performance. The high-tech blend of synthetic fibers in the TF Prep offer more than just insulation. This tee is comfortable and easy to care for.

Shop For The Right Fabric Blend In An Athletic Thermal Tee

The Adidas TF Prep is made to last. This tee is made with an insulating blend of polyester, elastin and polymide. The polyester makes this top smooth fitting and wrinkle-free. The elastin fibers give the TF great stretch for freedom of movement. The synthetic polymide materials add durability and long wear. The long-lasting qualities of this tee make it a smart choice for any man to buy. The Performance Series TF Prep by Adidas is the perfect addition to any man’s wardrobe. The durable fabric blend of the TF Prep makes it an excellent choice.


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