A Solid Walking Shoe

If someone wants to buy Capri II F10 Nike shoes, they have probably first been drawn to them by the retro look. These are sharp-looking shoes that feature simple white construction with color on the heels – a green patch, for example. This color matches with the word Nike where it is printed on the tongue. The popular Nike symbol is shown in a darker gray along the side of the shoe. The overall look is a simple shoe that does not draw attention to itself but that does look great when someone really takes the time to notice.

Capri II F10 Nike

Capri II F10 Nike

The shoes are meant to be comfortable and relaxing. They are low and flat and they do not rise very far up the ankle. For this reason, they should be used for walking and casual wear more than for sports or athletic events. They have white laces that move up the front and offer support, but no option to wrap the heel or go farther up the tongue for more support. They are shoes that the wearer will enjoy for how easy they are to get on and off.

If someone decides to shop for Capri II F10 Nike footwear, he can know that it is dependable. The cloth outside and plaid inside is strong and it will not wear out. The holes for the laces are reinforced for strength. The toe is wrapped in rubber so that it can take natural abuse without falling apart or ruining the look of the shoe.

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