Pristina Airline Flights Explained With Proven Best Results

When it comes to safe, reliable and affordable flights to Pristina, Kosovo, the airline of choice is Adria Airways of Slovenia. In fact, Pristina International Airport is located just 10 miles from downtown Pristina; while handling more than 2 million passengers per year. The flying and flight services on offer are state-of-the-art and linked to other transportation hubs in this capital city of Kosovo.

Pristina Airport hub for Adria Airways

It is no secret that Adira Airways is the airline of choice in this region of the world where Serbs, Romani and Bosniaks fly regularly in and out of Pristina International Airport. In turn, the airport caters to local and regional travel with four-star safety and efficiency, states the Kosovo Agency of Statistics. For instance, there is a lot of glowing customer testimonials about Adira Airways in various statistic data for the municipality of Pristina.

At the same time, Adria Airways boasts quality customer service while being the largest airline in both Kosovo and Slovenia. For example, Adria operates more than 30 daily scheduled destination flights out of Pristina Airport daily; while this airline is credited with being a top “Star Alliance” and Lufthansa partner. Adria’s headquarters is in Slovenia near Ljubljana, while Pristina International Airport features a modern Adria Airways terminal station that travelers say they enjoy because of the quality customer service.

Pristina’s Adria Air service second to none

While Adria Airways also operates charger flights out of Pristina’s international airport, this modern airline chain is best known in the Balkans for its longtime presence here in Pristina where locals simply dub it “ADRIA.” Meanwhile, the airline’s fleet of 12 modern passenger aircraft has been flying without incident since 1961 when the airline was founded. Adria is also proud of its “operating base” at Pristina International Airport because airline sales agents throughout Europe share online how Pristina and Adria “seem to get together nicely in the team concept that always puts travelers first.”

Top flights to Pristina

The appearance of Adria Air here in Kosovo and other Balkan cities has been vital to the regional since the Kosovo War ended back in 1999. Flash forward to 2016, and Adria Airlines at the Pristina Airport is busier than ever with Adira now flying lots of new charter flights in the European Union market. For example, a regular airline traveler here in Pristina said he booked a flight on Adria Air for stops in Germany and France before a return flight back to his native Pristina. The traveler reported zero delays and a “very relaxing ride from Pristina to Berlin and later to Paris and then back home.”

New Adria Airways owners

The good thing for air travelers here at the famed Pristina International Airport is the assurance that their favorite Adria Air is stable and fully focused on the local market. For instance, the big news at this airport in recent times is the privatization of Adria Airways by a Luxembourg-based EU restructuring effort that acquired some 96% of the Adria Airways shares from the Slovene state. For customers of Adria Air, this means “we can all invest in our favorite airline.”

Meanwhile, the new ownership named Dr. Arno Schuster as the CEO of Adria Airlines. The CEO is responsible for more than 300 employees, and the management of three airport hubs including its continued presence here at Pristina International Airport.

Quick flights to Pristina

When it comes to the best, most reliable and affordable flights to and from Pristina, the travelers who know best say it is hands down that Adria Air is the best way to travel. In fact, this airport does not have its own national airline but has always pointed to Adria has its “local carrier.” This point of view is not lost on Adria employees at Pristina Airport who often joke about calling Kosovo home for both its aircraft, but also for air and maintenance crews that make Pristina International their home away from home. Meanwhile, this is good news for anyone planning to fly in our out of Pristina because “it’s good to know that a quality airline like Adria Air continues to operate out of Kosovo and its international airport,” explained a recent passenger commenting online.

Safe airline at Pristina

At a time when airlines have experienced a rash of accidents and incidents, it is good to know that Adria Air flights going to or from its Kosovo hub at the famed Pristina International Airport have been almost incident and accident free since the mid-1970s. Today, there is a glowing air flight report card for Adria Air flights in and out of Pristina Airport. The Adria Airways Annual Report for 2015 also points to this longtime safety record as yet another good reason for travelers in the Balkans to consider flying Adria Air when visiting Kosovo. The airline’s annual report also stated that flight costs for passengers have more or less “remained the same” even while other airlines in the region and throughout the EU have raised airline ticket prices.

Adria Air offers great deals

The people who fly regularly in and out of Pristina International Airport on Adria Air say they enjoy “the smooth flights,” and great onboard food and snacks. In fact, this airline is old school when it comes to not charging passengers for in-flight meals, drinks and extra bags. Meanwhile, the Adria flights both in and out of Pristina Airport are legendary for “always being on time.” The Pristina Airport flights operated by this longtime carrier are also credited as being “very safety conscious,” while it is clear that both Pristina Airport officials and those who operate Adria Air at this critical Kosovo airport hub are very bullish when it comes to ensuring that all flights are as “safe and secure for passengers as possible.”

Overall, there has never been a better time for travelers at Pristina International Airport to fly Adria Air because this popular airline offers a proven safety record with great deals on ticket prices.

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