Parallel turns

7_1The ski parallel turn is a turn where the skis must always stay parallel to each other throughout each turn. It is ideally to keep the skis at hip width. Even though one can still consider the ski parallel turn as part of the basic ski technique, most see it as where the proper skiing begins because it is commonly replaced by the snowplough which is use up until know, but is rarely used after learning the ski parallel turns.

Parallel or Stem turn
The main difference between the ski parallel and stem turn is that because the snowplough is not used, the skis do not tend to brake as you turn trough the fall line. This enables you to pick up much more speed than with the turn you used before. So this means that before you start learning and using the ski parallel turns, you must accept the fact that you will probably have to ski a bit faster.

How to do it?
If you know how to do the stem turn, you will have no problems with doing the ski parallel turn since these techniques are very similar. The ski parallel turn has three main phases. The first is the initiation, then the edge change and the turn across and out of the fall line. The initiation of the turn is similar with both the stem and the ski parallel turn. What you need to do is bring your weight (distributed proportionally) onto your skis and just lean forwards.

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