Nytro GTX Salomon High Performance Winter Boots

Salomon is a well-known brand who makes a colossal variety of different shoes intended for different purposes. Their range is all-encompassing and covers everything from running shoes and trainers to winter boots. A great example of the latter is the Nytro GTX Salomon. Billed as a high performance cold weather boot, this model is well suited to any work you need to do or distance you need to travel in snow and ice.

Nytro GTX Salomon

Nytro GTX Salomon

Some of the standout features of this model include the rugged, durable exterior, the comfortable and well-fitting interior, and the aggressively designed sole that guarantees a good grip even in the worst conditions. Made from GORE-TEX, the design is deep and waterproof enough to keep out the usual slush and water that plague many lesser-quality winter boots. Of particular note are the high quality appointments such as the lace eyelets, which are sturdy and should last a long time without breaking.

These high-quality cold-weather boots are available in Men and Women’s versions, which differ somewhat in their aesthetics and available sizes. Both versions are very good-looking and well designed, however, and the GTX will suit either gender in even the roughest conditions. This winter boot is all most people will ever need, providing waterproofing, warmth, grip, and longevity. You can buy Nytro GTX Salomon boots at many popular stores both on the street and on the internet, and any time you need shoes that will stand up to the elements it would be a mistake to overlook this model.

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