SS Solid Ad Pill Crew Nec

This short sleeve top by Nike is intended to be used for sports and leisure purposes, not on formal occasions. It’s an ideal top for sports like golf, tennis, soccer, handball, jogging, and for all around health spa use.


It has a sleek, superb style. It’s cut short and tight at the arms and shoulders and it extends all the way down to the waist. It flares our exquisitely wide at the sides right above the tops of the hips so its quite feminine in it’s stylish appeal. The bust area is form fitting and in the back it has an overall taut, unwrinkled look to it that gives it a classic, contemporary design. It’s no wonder it’s so popular and versatile.


The material is manufactured out of a combination of polyester, cotton and rayon, and that makes it feel very soft and huggable around your upper body. You can easily move around in it, feeling free to flex and stretch every part of your arms, shoulders, back, chest and neck area as you engage in sports. It never feels too tight or stiff. You can feel comfortable literally wearing this garment all day long. You can even sleep in it if you wish. That’s how very comfortable and soothing it feels.

Ease of Care

The combination fabric of this top makes it effortless to clean after a hard workout. You don’t have to worry if you worked up a good sweat or even spilled some orange or grape juice on it. With just a little laundry detergent and some warm water, you can wash out any and all stains quickly and easily after just one wash cycle. And after washing, it doesn’t shrink or bunch up at all.


This top by Nike has shown to be a long lasting garment as manifested by a multitude of wearers. It can be worn on a daily basis when engaging in intense activities and it holds its shape and doesn’t rip no matter how hard you stretch it. The fabric is very strong. It seems the only way to damage this top is by cutting it with a knife which you would never want to do since it’s so appealing to own and wear.

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