Nike GS Jersey Polo – Nike Product Review

For UK consumers hoping to shop for great looking and function athletic wear, is now carrying the Nike Sportswear USA line. The line features apparel for a variety of sports ranging from tennis and rugby to weight-training and running, and also sport-casual shirts for leisure-time around the flat. The sport casual line consists of affordable hoodies, tee shirts, vests and polo shirts with a price range of roughly 20 – 100 pounds.

Nike GS Jersey Polo

Nike GS Jersey Polo

While the vests and tees are at the lower end of the price spectrum and the hoodies are at the upper end, the polo shirts are mid-range, and one of the most classically designed and best-looking models is the men’s Nike GS Jersey Polo Nike shirt. The shirt comes in black, and in addition to the polo neckline and collar, it has reinforced stitching along the hems for added durability. It also features the Nike Sportswear USA logo on the breast, and a Nike/Swoosh on a small tag along the bottom edge of the shirt. In terms of size, the GS Jersey Polo is available in a range from small (S) to double extra large (XXL) ensuring that consumers of virtually any size are sure to find one of a reasonable fit. The GS Jersey Polo‘s list price is 39.99 pounds, but through membership consumers can buy it for 37.99 pounds instead- a savings of 5%.

For both serious athletes and just the casual fans, the Nike Sportswear USA offers a wide range of products for those who want to buy great gear when they shop. While not all of the apparel offered also works as casual wear, this shirt does, and any Nike GS Jersey Polo Nike product review is likely to say so. With affordable pricing, and the membership discount, it represents a great value for virtually any kind of athlete.

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