The Nike Capri Ii For Men And Women

For a classic running shoe with great looks and detailed styling, consider the Nike Capri ii. With its low profile and snug fitting design, this shoe works well on many levels. It has a design that is sleek in nature, yet is still sporty with a bit of edge to it.

Nike Capri Ii

Nike Capri Ii

With a focus on fit as well as function, this is one shoe that has it all. It features a leather upper with a rubber outsole. With just the right combination of durability and traction, this shoe is perfect for a variety of uses. The attention to detail is evident as is the engineering that has gone into its creation. A supportive sole is complemented by a detailed upper that fits snugly to the shape of the foot. The styling is casual enough that these shoes can look great when worn with jeans. Yet they are just quirky enough that they could be rocked out with the right accessories. The sleek design makes them a viable choice for the younger generation yet they are not so wild that they cannot be worn by those with a bit more experience in their years. With a low cut design, these shoes fit perfectly under the ankle for a comfortable fit that can be worn for hours at a time.

The Nike Capri ii is available in a variety of colors and patterns in both men’s and women’s sizes. These fashionable shoes are definitely worth waiting for. This is fun and funky footwear for fashionable feet from the shoe specialists at Nike.

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