The New Move It Synthetic Tee Nik

The stylish new MOVE IT SYNTHETIC TEE NIK is the talk of the town all over Central Europe where it is featured in athletic clubs and boutiques, wherever athletes and fashion conscious sports enthusiasts shop. Fans also shop for it regularly on the websites;; and at the website The MOVE IT SYNTHETIC TEE NIK Product Review tells us that Europeans are wearing the TEE NIK at home, at work, or out on the town. Both practical and fashionable, the TEE NIK can be seen on the sports field and in the Disco alike. Its shapely cut and cap sleeves are becoming to any figure, whether it complements athletic attire, or an elegant pair of slacks.

Move It Synthetic

Move It Synthetic

Versatility is the name of the game, and in practicability, it has more of the same. Sports fans are delighted with the wicking properties of the synthetic, microfiber mix, which has revolutionary new moisture management features. The TEE NIK keeps its shape and launders without a wrinkle. Double and topstitched on the sides and in the shoulders, it is durable and resists pulling and tearing, in or out of the sports arena. The TEE has a shallow, ¾ inch ribbed collar, hemmed cap sleeves, and a hemmed, closely fitted bottom that reaches about 8-10 inches below the waist. It is readily available in mint green, white, and yellow with white and yellow lettering and an asterisk, or star on the front: MOVE YOUR *.

The Tee is priced so that everyone can buy it. Prices vary, though, depending on where you buy the TEE NIK. The MOVE IT SYNTHETIC TEE NIK Product Review informs us that many athletic clubs in Central Europe grant their members discounts on certain pieces of apparel. In such cases, the TEE NIK goes for a price between $23 and $28. In most retail shops, the price is $35, or above. Look for additional color availability in the spring.

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