Merrel Shoes And Clothes In The UK

Merrel is a highly successful manufacture of heavy performance hiking boots and winter wear. They were originally founded in 1981, and were bought over by Wolverine World Wide in 1997. Their products can be found in more than 150 different countries, and they currently operate 116 stores around the world. Although they specialize in footwear, they also offer clothing and accessories for male and female adults.

Merrell shoes

Merrell shoes

Merrel offers boots and footwear for different outdoor activities. These shoes are all specially designed to be suitable for the various harsh environments that might be encountered. Hiking boots have specially moulded grips, ankle support and some models are also waterproof. Other boot types are for cold weather, casual designer wear and there are also shoes created for water sports such as kayaking. They also have slip on shoes, causal sandals and multi sport footwear.

In 2010, sales of Merrel footwear and apparel totaled £310 million. Their signature shoe, the Jungle Moc, has sold over 10 million pairs worldwide. Merrel has become renowned all over the world for their high quality boots, and recently had their Westward line featured in The Times. These shoes are almost all made out of high quality leather, and the company has a warranty on all products covering damage and early wear and tear. These shoes range from around £140 for a pair of cold-weather boots, to around £60 for the lightweight Jungle Moc.

Merrel products can be ordered from their website, or can be found in many different sports retail stores in the UK.

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