Master Indoor Volleyball With The ASICS Sensei 2 Shoe

For years now, the elite indoor volleyball players have trusted ASICS, the premiere Japanese athletic equipment and footwear company, to provide a revolutionary shoe that will raise their game to a level that is second to none. The company has prided themselves on being the first stop for volleyball players when they need equipment or apparel to boost their game.  The company outdid themselves with the invention of the ASICS Sensei 2 sneaker.


ASICS Sensei 2 ASICS sneakers have always been considered the best volleyball footwear available, and the Sensei 2 has only solidified that notion. Specifically engineered to address the landing and jumping mechanics of the volleyball player, this state-of-the-art shoe features a volleyball-specific Impact Guidance System, assisting the foot to perform more efficiently when jumping, landing and changing directions. The Personal Heel Fit includes a memory foam lined heel collar that molds to your heel, creating a personalized fit. The GEL Cushioning System absorbs the shock during the impact phase and toe-off phase, protecting your feet, ankles and knees from injury.  The Solyte Midsole Material makes for a lighter shoe than the standard EVA and SpEVA, and combines improved cushioning and durability. The Propulsion Plate assists in jumping efficiency, and the A-Truss enhances rear foot stability.


Only an industry leader  will put forth the effort to incorporate that much technology in their footwear, which is why it is imperative for every indoor volleyball player to buy ASICS sneakers.  You can rely on ASICS to invent sneakers like the Sensei 3, because they have the finest performance of the athlete at heart.

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