Ljubljana Airport Viewed as the Pride of Slovenia With Proven Great Air Travel

When Slovenia’s official first civil airport first opened in 1963, locals dubbed their Ljubljana Airport one of the country’s great achievements. Fast forward to 2016, and the airport is boasting more than 1.5 million passengers thus far this year. The airport is credited with regular growth and improvements that helped Slovenia enter the European Union (EU) recently. Meanwhile, this modern and fully safe and secure international airport has gained attention in the EU for having some of the best deals on flights anywhere in Europe or Asia. Ljubljana Airport is nested in the center of the country at the colorful Slovenian village of Brnik.

Ljubljana Airport is a modern wonder

There is growing EU air traffic at this international airport in the heart of Slovenia because of new terminal buildings, a modern high-tech departure lounge and surrounding parking and walkways that are user friendly. In fact, the EU web pages are filled with glowing testimonials from travelers who say their first visit to this new EU nation state was “most enjoyable” in part because the Ljubljana Airport is so grand and accommodating.

Meanwhile, the Slovenia people are mindful that their high-tech airport is part and parcel of this resurgence in national pride about Slovenians being some of the friendliest people in the world. This is showcased daily at Ljubljana Airport when passengers are treated with happy smiles and lots and lots of classic Slovenian hospitality. At the same time, the airport is rated as one of the safest places to land or depart from in the EU today.

Top airport facilities in Europe

The people who fly into Slovenia’s popular Ljubljana International Airport are pleasantly surprised at the great efficiency of this high-tech airport with passenger friendly terminals and traveler support areas. For instance, the view from many longtime EU travelers is “one can really relax and enjoy the local shops and food” at this classic Slovenia civil airport. Overall, the view from Ljubljana International Airport staff is visit us here in Slovenia for true rest and relaxation as one enjoys this beautiful EU travel destination, or simply stop here for some great amenities while traveling in the region.


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