JOMA SALA MAX- Experience Perfection

Joma is a Spanish sportswear maker; the headquarters of this brand is located in the city of Toledo, Spain. At present they produce apparel as well as footwear designed for running, tennis and football. Founded in 1965, Joma initially produced shoes for daily use. It was in 1968 that the company started producing sportswear and apparel. It’s a well-known Spanish brand and cream of the crop in sportswear and apparel in their country.



Sports are one field where it is necessary to look like a team. To look like one particular team it is imperative to have a uniform. People recognize various teams by the color of their jersey or the uniform. Attractive as well as bright colors in an ample variety are a specialty of Joma. Joma sneakers are the best for various sports events and football. They come in various bright-colored shades. With no trouble you can decide the one that goes with your uniform. The Joma sala max model consists of the “J” which leans towards the goal in to the fore direction. The idea conveyed with this logo is that moving forward with the ball and going in the right direction should be your motive when you pick up Joma. Joma sneakers would guide you to the right pathway.


Joma is known for manufacturing high superiority and sturdy products which are long lasting in nature. Sportsperson prefer this choice because the product satisfies their need of comfort and attractiveness. The brilliantly colored Joma sneakers outshine in the stadium and also add to your personality. to experience perfection.

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