Joma Dribbling White And Red Football Boots

Dribbling is the new line of football boots from the Spanish company Joma. This line of boots has been designed for optimum play using the touch and close control that is required in smaller sided football played indoors. The upper part is made from Fibratec and has perforations, which allows for maximum breathability and ventilation. There is double-stitched reinforcement and the finish is Micro-Mesh. The Joma Dribbling White & Red model is one of several color variations including white and navy.

Joma Dribbling

Joma Dribbling

This company is very well respected. Based in Toledo, Spain, it provides footwear for many Spanish football teams. The firm has grown quickly in the past three decades from having just a handful of employees to being a large company with subsidiaries in Asia, North America and elsewhere. The quality of construction gets high marks from most footballers, and Joma boots are also known for their comfort and style. One reason for the comfort is that the leather comes from the Toledo area, which is renowned for premium quality leather.

The Joma Dribbling White & Red line is available online at many websites, including Ginga Sports and Prodirect Soccer. The price is approximately 30 pounds including VAT. When purchasing boots, it is always a good idea to try them on yourself before purchasing, since you cannot determine how they will feel on your feet just by looking at pictures. If you wish to try these boots on, Joma footwear is available at many sport shops, including the Charlton Athletic Superstore in London.

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