Indy Long Max Vent Nike Bra

If you want to shop to buy a quality sports bra, price shouldn’t be your only consideration. Women interested in such a product want to be able to shop to buy a bra that has many other appealing factors other than just low price.

Sports Taining Bra

Sports Taining Bra

Stretchy Comfort

This sports training bra has a superb stretchable fit. It’s manufactured and designed to be ultra comfortable when participating in most any vigorous sport, including running, volleyball, weightlifting, tennis, and even soccer. It can comfortably be worn under a sport top if you wish as well. It’s important to note this bra by Nike is one of its most popular and enduring bras for the very reason that it’s so easy to wear in its ability to comfort you when you’re most active.


This is a lightweight bra that’s tremendously breathable. It has a wicking nature, which means it can shed the sweat and moisture that can build up during intense workouts and activities. It has many fine mesh holes that are invisible to the naked eye but allow this bra to always remain dry and give an airy feel to the skin.


This bra provides excellent bust support because of the elastic that circles underneath and around the bust area, as well as due to the taught but never too tight fit of the wrap around elastic strap that’s woven into the garment. It can be ordered in custom sizes for whatever bra size you are, and it never feels too constricted despite the superb strength it gives the wearer.


Experienced wearers of this sports training bra state that they’ve owned them for a long time without any noticeable appearance of any problems with comfort and support. Being made of many fibers including polyester and cotton, it’s machine washable in warm water, and its colors or elasticity never seem to fade. For its modest price, its a very long lasting garment.


One of the main reasons this sports training bra is so popular is its timeless yet contemporary style. It has an appeal all its own with its feminine lines and curvy shoulder openings. And the way it firmly clings below the bust gives it a look of exquisite sporty style that delights its millions of wearers across the world.

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