Indy Long Bra-Max Vent Product Review

Nike, a leader in fitness gear and apparel, has created many different designs of athletic clothing for the woman athlete. Women who take fitness seriously prefer to wear specially-designed clothing during exercise workouts, sports and competitions. Nike has created the Indy Long Bra-Max Vent with features that any female fitness buff can appreciate. Women searching to buy an effective workout top can find the Nike Indy Long Bra-Max Vent at a reasonable price.

Indy Long Bra-Max Vent

Indy Long Bra-Max Vent

Built-In Support Is Important

Athletic sports tops that are made for women can sometimes come without any built-in support. This either leaves a women feeling exposed or relegates her to wearing a bra under her athletic top. Wearing a separate bra can cause chafing and irritation. It also builds up body heat during workouts and restricts movement.

The Indy Long Bra-Max Vent takes care of that problem. The built-in support of the attached bra gives a woman complete coverage, freedom of movement and support during strenuous activities like running or jogging at a great price. It pays to shop for a top like this.

Buy A Longer Length For Full Coverage

The Indy Long Bra-Max Vent is a full length top providing good coverage over the hips and abdomen area. The longer length means not having to focus on the irritating hike-up that can happen with shorter tops. The longer length also makes this garment versatile. Women who might feel self conscious in shorter athletic tops can exercise with confidence. The longer length of the Indy Long Bra-Max Vent can camouflage those little bumps and bulges that women don’t want to show during a gym workout. The full-coverage also lets a woman feel comfortable walking into a public facility after a workout.

Back Mesh Panel

The stretchy, breathable fabric of the Indy Long Bra-Max Vent makes it cool and comfortable to wear. The special DriFIT fabric combines elasticity with the ability to wick moisture away from the skin during sweaty workouts. This top has a cooling mesh insert back panel to keep the body from overheating.

Racer-back Detailing

The Indy Long Bra-Max Vent has a racer-back design. This type of cut allows maximum freedom of movement and is also very flattering. The racer back design means that a woman doesn’t have to focus on shoulder straps falling out of place during a workout. Comfort, style and freedom of movement make the Indy Long Bra-Max Vent a great top to buy at an affordable price.

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