How to learn to Carve?

The ski carving technique is the most commonly use technique by all types of skiers. But as with any other ski technique, the ski carving technique requires exercise in order to master it. The main objective of the ski carving technique is to ride the arc of a ski trough its natural radius with no sliding. You are able to achieve this by turning your skis to the edge and pressing your ski’s side cut into the snow.


Starting to learn

The ski carving technique can be mastered by doing different exercises. For the first, you must start of with your skis in the parallel position. Start gaining speed and then turn your ski on its edge. When you do this is it important you have the edge of your ski with full contact with the ski surface. If you do this correctly, the ski will start to turn and you must now ride at this turn and switch feet. You have the ability to apply pressure differently in different levels and also increase edging of your ski.


Basic exercise

You can practice you ski carving technique by finding an obstacle-free groomed slope. Now try to ski and lay over the edges of your skis too far, this means to the point that you are on the edge of a fall. This will help you keep proper position and it will also teach you to have control over the speed at with you wish to go. You will be able to maintain the desired force you wish to use. If you connect all these element in order to perfect your ski carving technique, you will be able to prevent falls.

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