Flights To Tirana: Rediscovering A Forgotten Paradise

So little is known about Tirana that when people first find out that it is the capital of Albania, the natural reaction is that of visible awe. A place with a powerful architectural, political and religious antiquity, this is the ideal destination for anyone who maintains a healthy interest in communist European history. However, not only is it a place of historical significance but it is also a picturesque place with sublime nuances of the new as well. Our reliable and affordable flights to Tirana are the best way to explore and rediscover this forgotten paradise


A lot of us are always on the lookout for special bargain offers and discounts to reduce the cost of air travel, so suffice it to say, we are no exception when it comes to availing fairer airfares. Buying your tickets well in advance –particularly in summer- is an excellent way to jump the queue so-to-speak and enjoy some petty disposal income to spend on coffee, lunch or gifts. One word of advice: don’t wait until summer is here as the cost of air travel naturally increases due to increased demand. Plus, one way fares can be cheaper in the long run than return flights which, sometimes, can appear convenient, though pricey.

Your Arrival

Your first contact with Tirana will –without a doubt- be Tirana International Airport Nene Terez (also known as Rinas International Airport). Located at a rather unnerving 17km from the city center, it is well connected to the city center by train, bus and car shuttle services, so traveling to your hotel shouldn’t be a stress. There are a number of bars, restaurants, as well as an executive business lounge if you fancy spreading your feet, or catching up on work –there is also free wireless internet via various in-house connection ports spread out throughout the airport.


It occurs more often than not that travel plans may have to be changed with the result that you might want to change your class of travel and date of departure. Be happy in the knowledge that our scheduling is flexible and alteration can be made with no extra charges, provided of course that it can be done.

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