Effective Summer Ski Training Exercises

If you want to be in your top form when hitting the trails this winter, you need proper preparation for that. The whole idea of summer ski training is based around this concept. If you want to improve your skiing skills and avoid injury, you need to start early and not wait till the winter season is knocking on the door. In fact, the ski professionals maintain that staying and getting fit is a year-round activity and if you are really passionate about skiing, you should plan your workout routine with a view to that.

Some very effective exercises for summer ski training and those that you can perform at a gym include band walks, weighted box squats, DB row and back extensions, lateral box jumps, and medicine ball overhead throws. All these exercises will tone your body into perfect shape for skiing and will help you attain the right ski postures easily. Your body will get attuned to these postures more effortlessly the more you practice these exercises in the summer season, so once you are doing it on the slope, your body will develop less strain and will help you to continue for longer time.

Another very effective summer ski training idea is to go for some cross-training sports. For example, sports like in-line skating, running, mountain biking, paddle boarding, etc. are very useful as snowboarding/ski preparation and will help to keep you in shape. Therefore, start up early so that you can rip the benefits on the slope!

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