Debate tournaments in Europe

If you are a British parliamentary debater, you will know what are the great things when you go and attend a debate tournament. All the new people that you meet, all the great debates that you see and all the great debates that you can speak in. But of course there are better and not so good debate tournaments that you can attend, so there is the question what tournament are you going to pick and go to. So here are couple of ideas for you , that you can think about and find a great tournament knowing, that I have tried almost all of them and that I know what makes a great tournament:

What is the difference between an IV tournament and an Open tournament? Well, an IV will take only debate teams that come from an university and they will take only teams that have both debaters from the same University. So if you are an older debater that has already finished your studies, you can only go to Open tournament like the Belgrade Open. The open tournaments have a more relaxed policy on who can attend and who not, so you don’t need to  be enroled into studies to attend.

So looking for an open tournament, you should check out the Belgrade open, or other open tournaments around Europe, but if you are still a student, you can attend any IV tournament. In the last year the Vienna IV has a good reputation for a good pool of debaters and judges, and next to that they have a great party scene in Vienna so that you can pick from a lot of different party places in such a great city.

So this means that you can now go and pick out a great tournament for yourself and go and will it. Good luck!

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