Clues to Look for in Choosing a Facebook Community Manager

Facebook might be new, but community management is not. This field is as old as leadership itself. With the Internet age and social media, a new opportunity for community managers was born. This opportunity came in the form of Facebook community management. In a nutshell, the community manager’s role is similar to that of other managers.
You might be a Facebook community manager too. But as your business and the number of followers in your page grow, the responsibilities grow too. With a lot on your plate, hiring a person to manage your Facebook page is something you might consider. Being a relatively new field, you might face challenges in knowing what to look for in a potential manager. The Facebook accounts of these potential managers will provide you clues on their suitability. Here are a few clues to look for in a potential Facebook community manager.
Responsive and Engaging

You need a manager who will respond in a quick manner and engage well with the audience. When going through their Facebook account for clues, look for his or her response time to posts addressed to him or her. Also, look at the way he or she engages the audience. Notice whether he or she is polite or rude in the responses. You sure do not want an arrogant person to manage your Facebook community.

Another clue that the candidates Facebook account will hold is how resourceful he or she is. You need a manager who is knowledgeable in different issues. Such a person will come in handy because the purpose of a Facebook page for your business is to handle any questions and provide vital information that your clients require. Even if the candidate does not have answers to every question, a simple response to the query will suffice.

Look at any discussions that the candidate has had on his or her Facebook account. Such a conversation will enlighten you on how well he or she moderates the conversations. The candidate needs to be able to issue warnings if necessary, calm down a heated discussion, and delete spam.
There are clues too that can help you make the right choice for a Facebook community manager. The three provided here are the ones that matter most in Facebook community management.

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