Why The Adidas Porsche Design S2 Is A Good Buy?

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Buy Adidas Porsche Design

Nothing beats a shoe that is a blend of the technologies of two of the greatest names in the market. Adidas and Porsche worked together to come up with Adidas Porsche Design S2, a sneaker which oozes street smart coolness and comfort. This shoe is perfect for casual afternoons and weekend drives and carries with it the comfort and durability that Adidas, maker of the Adidas Stabil and the T-Mac 5, is known for. Its construction benefits from the famous Porsche driving technology that gives the shoe a sleek profile, excellent traction and firm support. With this combination, anyone who admires Porsche automobiles will not hesitate about buying a pair of Adidas Porsche Design S2.

Top Features

This pair of sneakers is constructed using full-grain leather. It has a synthetic upper and detailed stitching for added strength, as well as a sleek and clean shape. The sneaker also sports long-lasting rubber soles which are typical of Adidas shoes. The soles come with a damage-resistant structure which are complimented by the advanced profile design. A full lace-up construction, a soft inner lining and a strong arch support gives the wearer a snug fit, while the versatile tread pattern provides excellent grip for most surfaces. The S2 also comes with a number of cool and bright colours instead of the standard white or black. Splashes of orange or yellow make this pair of sneakers a sure looker when it hits the streets. Unlike other sneakers which look bulky on the feet, the streamlined design of the S2 allows the wearer to enjoy a lighter shoe, which makes movement easy and comfortable. To top it all off, there is the standout Porsche logo which is bound to impress anyone.

The Adidas Porsche Design S2 is perfect for those who want to exude a sporty racing feel even while on the street. The shoe is casual, but its overall appearance oozes athleticism. One does not have to own a Porsche to look good in this pair of sneakers, which costs just under $100. The only drawback is that this shoe is not made for athletic use. Those looking for a pair of shoes for running or basketball are better off looking somewhere else. That aside, any shoe lover who is shopping for a comfortable pair of sneakers that comes with a sleek, clean and lightweight frame will find the perfect pair in the Adidas Porsche Design S2.

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