Blind Dates: A Revolution!

Welcome to the blind dating revolution! You are experiencing what many before you never even dreamt was possible, thanks to the wonders of technology. Today, you can connect with thousands of people with the push of a few buttons. The advantages that this brings to your dating lifestyle are immeasurable but online dating also comes with its own unique set of woes. With a little bit of help, though, you can minimize the risk and maximize the rewards reaped by blind dates you set up online!

The term “blind date” has always been one that strikes fear into the hearts of many singles. It usually means that an acquaintance thought they knew who and what was best for you. Often all you had to go on was a good word—no pictures and no conversations before meeting. There was always added pressure in that if you didn’t like the person or they didn’t like you, your friends were going to know about it and this could somehow affect your relationship with them. Plus, if you got involved and things turned sour, you could be risking the loss of more than just that one person. Thankfully, those times are behind us.

“Blind dating, when you do it yourself… is the best form of hookup you can find.”

The benefits are plentiful when it comes to dating friendrfinder blind online. Firstly, you can now avoid the ineptitude of well-meaning friends and instead bank on your own competence when it comes to meeting strangers. This should somehow bring you comfort, knowing that your future lies in your own hands. Most online dating sites allow people to post pictures and fill out detailed profiles so it can take the “blind” out of blind dating to a greater extent. Also, instant messaging has allowed for a harmless, no pressure way to initiate communication between people that sure beats giving your phone number out to someone who could be right off their rocker. Blind dating, when you do it yourself using the means that are now available, is the best form of hookup you can find.

Like anything, there are downsides to searching for romance like this. First off, a high number of possible contacts can quickly lead to messaging fatigue. Who can keep up when your instant messaging program is going off like fireworks on 7/4. The large number of multimedia options available for communication can also play into the equation. If you’ve ever opened your inbox or began a video chat with someone to suddenly be faced with a little more skin than you were hoping for, you know what I mean. Blind dating online has its share of drawbacks, but probably less than you would get when compared with meeting someone at a local pub or through a setup situation.

So now all you have to do is set up your own blind dating scenario.

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