Best Naturist Camp Experience in Rovinj and Vrsar

If you’re looking to break the monotony of everyday life then you should opt for camping. Contrary to the common misconception, camping is not as tough as one thinks it to be! In fact, camping is quite enjoyable, especially when you’re going to a location as beautiful as Croatia! Rovinj and Vrsar are two of the most beautiful towns on the Istrian Peninsula. You can rest assured that you will have a memorable holiday here due to the rich cultural and historical heritage of the place.

If you’re looking for a naturist camp in Rovinj and Vrsar then Campsite Koversada would be the ideal recommendation. Koversada is a naturist or clothes-free paradise for those who are looking to come close to Mother Nature and celebrate life freely. Founded in the year 1961, Koversada is one of the oldest naturist campsite in Europe. It is an extremely popular camping destination, it comes with 1700 fully equipped pitches that can hold up to 5000 guests per day!

Camping in Koversada is quite a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The pitches here are fully equipped, which means they come with all the modern comforts that one would look for in a vacation. The commercial facilities here in this naturist camp are quite impressive.

There are four different types of accommodation units to choose from here. The Superior Pitch offers pitches with all modern conveniences such as electricity, water, WiFi and even drainage system! You can also choose to put up in the area gently sloping towards the trees and full of pines. If you wish to have a more secluded spot for camping then you can go to the island in Koversada. This one is connected to the mainland by a bridge and it offers spectacular views. The last option is the default camping place, i.e. the area near the reception area.

Koversada has a large number of restaurants and bars that offer different types of cuisines. Needless to mention, one should definitely try out seafood here. There are also plenty of pebble and sandy beaches in Koversada that you can visit. You can also try out sports such as tennis, soccer, beach volley and so on when camping in Koversada.

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