Asbestos Testing

For structures that were built prior to 1980, it is quite common to discover asbestos, something that may become a serious problem. Asbestos is a natural mineral that was once utilized for its versatility, heat resistance, and strength of insulation. Not confined to home and business construction, it was also used in the manufacturing of fireproof items such as vests and other products for the US military. Unfortunately, several long term tests revealed asbestos to be highly toxic, and today it has been widely recognized as a prime cause of mesothelioma, a form of cancer, and as a result it has been banned in more than 50 countries. While not legally banned in the US, its use has been severely limited. It is strongly recommended that any and all homes containing asbestos should be professionally treated and have the asbestos eliminated in order to avoid the potential for serious health threats. provides reliable asbestos testing and removal along with water damage Centreville, with a complete line of other restoration services that are designed to protect your home or business from the devastating effects generated by water, fire, mold, and asbestos. We service both residential and commercial applications, and our IICRC trained and certified service providers are prepared and equipped to handle even the largest disaster situations. We provide asbestos testing and dehumidification designed to improve the overall indoor air quality of your home or business. By offering qualified, competent service, we have become the go-to source for all your disaster repair and restoration needs. has more than two decades of combined experience when it comes to helping homes and business remain asbestos free. Our team of service providers is properly licensed and certified in all areas of the restoration industry, including asbestos testing, removal and remediation. We are able to take whatever measures are required to protect your home and your loved ones from the threat of asbestos, and we will do it without accidentally spreading the problem to other areas of the property.
We offer complete and thorough asbestos testing for both homes and businesses, and if found, our team of service providers can remove the asbestos from the property, making it safe for continued habitation. By making the environment safe through thorough and complete removal, you can rest assured that this is not a problem you will have to call us back for. As much as we appreciate the business, you should only have to call us once!

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