AF Q1 3S TRKT – Adidas Sweater

This product is a unique type of women’s aerobics apparel. It’s a sweater hoodie¬†variety top with pockets. Adidas manufactures it and it has been more and more popular over the years as many wearers have nothing but praise to say about it.

Adidas Sweater

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This is a sports garment with long sleeves made out of a wool-like material that provides enormous warmth in the winter months when working out outdoors. Many exercisers and athletes wear this attractive top when they’re skiing, ice skating, or running in the colder weather. It has a stylish, appealing design with very large, round pockets supported at the mid section of the top. The one color pattern features extensive texturing and weaving of the fabric on all sides, including the back, to give it an overall luxurious, expensive quality.


The warmth of this product makes it extremely comfortable and soft to wear. You don’t feel any tugging or cutting into your neck or under your arms as you move about. It isn’t a tight product to wear at all. This top garment has a much more relaxed fit to it and can support wearers who even have wider, more heavy frames. There’s no zipper, since it’s a pullover, which makes it feel even more smooth and soft all over your upper body.


It’s manufactured of top quality materials, the fabrics of which clean very easily after heavy use. A multitude of wearers have said this sports top has a rugged quality to it. It’s very difficult to mark up the top just by stretching and flexing about as you perform your aerobics or other activities. It doesn’t wrinkle easily and it always seems to return to its original textured shape. This is one product that can definitely be purchased for the long run no matter how active you are in it.


But this product isn’t just for sports. It could just as easily be worn out on a date, at a club, or at a movie house, or library. It conveys both a sense of casualness and formality to it with its overall design. It’s not to heavy to be worn on even somewhat chilled spring evenings, and it can also be taken to the beaches on cooler summer days when the winds are blowing strong. And its wide variety of sizes allow even larger children to wear this high quality top.

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