Advertising with Google Adwords!

Before the launch of Google Adwords, online advertising was a tedious and complex process. The marketers had to be absolutely sure before taking a shot. However, Google Adwords changed it all. With Adwords, a client could advertise his products to a very specific set of audience, round the clock, around the world and that too at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Not only this, the results of the campaigns could be tracked to the last detail. What was working and what was not working could be analysed and fixed accordingly. Now you can understand the impact of Google Adwords.

Prior to Adwords, there was a long shot method of understanding the response of advertisements. But with Google Adwords, you know exactly what is going. Let’s take for example a client who wants to advertise his products on the internet. His product is aimed at twelve-year-old children and is available only in Illinois. Also, the product is more appealing to girls than boys. With all these constraints, Adwords emerged as a saviour for such clients. Launched in the year 2000, this method of advertisement sends everybody home happy.

The advertisements are displayed alongside the search results generated by Google. These advertisements are also published on Google’s other products like Gmail and YouTube. Considering that Google has a wide range of products right from Blogger to data storage services, it forms a huge user base spanning across national boundaries, gender, class, religion, and other demographic factors. Each advertisement is specially targeted to the user.

The advertiser pays only when certain action is performed by the viewer. The different models used by Google Adwords, include pay per click (PPC), also known as cost per click (CPC), and cost per thousand views (CPM). The advertisements can be displayed as text, video, image and other rich media content format. If you are looking to put your advertisement online with Google Adwords, then it is a simple method. You can hire a professional as well to manage your Adwords account. For bigger campaigns and broader product range, the advertiser needs professional help to reap more benefits out of the Adwords system.

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