Any runner who has ever suffered a workout in motion-restricting, uncomfortable clothing will understand the importance of proper exercise clothes when they exercise. One needs to possess true workout gear in order to get the most out of his or her exercise. When one’s motion is impeded by improperly fitting or poorly designed clothing, one will not be able to push himself or herself to the maximum potential. This causes the quality of one’s workout and consequently the quality of one’s health to suffer.

Adidas Shorts


One of the most important garments that one must shop for carefully would be running shorts. One cannot simply buy the cheapest or most basic running shorts that are available for purchase. The shorts that one buys must be or a high quality and innovative design in order to be beneficial to the runner.

For instance, the SN 7 INCH SH shorts by Adidas are considered to be some of the best running shorts for men. These shorts feature a secure waist with drawstring pulls to ensure that they do not slip around and chafe. The shorts extend to the lower thigh, providing plenty of length without restricting one’s running stride. With a sleek black color and streamlined design, these shorts are both eye-appealing and functional, and one should be looking for similar qualities whenever he or she shops for running shorts.

Of course, many people are concerned with the high price that is commonly associated with high-quality running shorts. It is true that name brand garments will cost considerably more than the cheap clothes that one would buy at his or her local department store. However, in most cases, the added price is worth it. One will experience an enormous change in the quality of his or her runs if one purchases high-grade shorts. These shorts keep the runner at a comfortable temperature, allow the runner to move freely, and prevent and chafing or bruising that could slow the runner down. Furthermore, it is not difficult to find name brand running shorts at an affordable price. So long as one purchases his or her exercise clothes from reputable retailers such as, one is certain to find a discounted, fair price on these garments.

The SN 7 INCH SH are the ideal running shorts for men. With high-quality materials, an ingenious design, and an attractive appearance, these shorts would be an excellent choice for any dedicated runner.

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