A Review Of The Vans Skink Skate Shoe

The Vans Skinkis the new mid-size skate shoe produced by the Vans company, the American based manufacturer of trendy sneakers and skateboarding shoes.

vans skink

The Skink, named after the agile lizard, features a classic skate shoe look while also featuring the latest in shoe technology. The highly flexible upper of the shoe is made from suede and Nubuck and features perforation holes in the toe, tongue and sides. It has a triple stitched toe cap to ensure that they won’t let even the most radical skater down. The Ollie and kickflip parts of the shoe are double stitched overlays to enure durability and to provided added wearer protection.


The shoe has a padded tongue and collar and classic blucher construction to ensure full foot support and wearer comfort. The soft suede interior is fully padded and includes a bacteria fighting insole that improves the way the shoe breathes as well as avoiding foot odour.


The highly flexible body make this a great shoe for skating but its overall good looks and design construction make it a sneaker you can wear for any occasion. It comes in a wide array of colours and combinations of colourways to suit every wearer’s individual taste. Vans Skinks are authentic performance sport shoes that combine style with functionality.


The Vans Skink is a quality skate shoe from one of the pioneers of this type of footwear (the company was established in 1966) and, like all Vans shoes, is a stylish addition to any skaters wardrobe as well as being durable and value for money. Be the first to wear this new addition to the Vans lineup and make your friends green with envy! The shoes can be purchased from the company’s Off the Wall online shop, Amazon and wherever quality sneakers are sold such as the All the Shoes chain in the UK.

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