A new security system called face recognition doors

Face recognition doors are a novelty in the world of keeping our home safe. With the help of technology, we can improve our home security to the maximum and keep all of the unwanted people out of our home. With this new way of protecting our home we can be absolutely certain that any unknown person will not be allowed to walk through the door.

How do face recognition doors work?

There is nothing different in the terms of looks when it comes to face recognition doors and normal entry doors. We can still have the wanted style and decorations because the only difference is the small camera attached at the side of the door. The camera is responsible for sending the picture of a person standing outside of our home to the computer. The computer has all the information about the people who have our permission to enter. We can add people on that list whenever we want and we can also delete people from that list. If the computer does not recognize the person standing outside the access will be denied and the doors will stay locked. Some of the face recognition doors even have the function to let you know about every time someone tries to enter your home and gives you information whether they succeeded or not. Of course, you can still enter the house with a regular key but it is much easier just to look at the camera and let the computer do everything else for you. Some of the latest face recognition door have the function of communication as well. If the person outside your home can not enter you can speak to him or her via your phone. Having face recognition doors at your home significantly improves the safety system of your home. Any possible break-ins will be reported to you and you can keep the track of people who enter your home when you are not there.

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