The 8848 Altitude Wonder Jacket Is A Proven Winner

For shoppers looking for new outerwear for the upcoming season, they might want to consider buying the 8848 Altitude Wonder Jacket. With a fantastic mix of style and substance, this work of art is sure winner in the outerwear department.

8848 Altitude Wonder Jacket

8848 Altitude Wonder Jacket

With style detailing like waterproof seams, extra inner and outer pockets, a removable snow skirt, and an adjustable hood, it is no wonder that this coat is selling like hot cakes. With an outer shell made from durAtec Supreme, the Wonder Jacket offers the ultimate in comfort. The outer layer is stretchable which allows for complete ease of movement regardless of the activity level. The lightly padded inner core helps to maintain an even body temperature without being too cumbersome. Inner pocket accents include a beanie storage pocket as well as a media storage pocket. Thoughtful useful details have made this amazing piece of outerwear a true winner for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels.

With so many additional styling, details to the 8848 it would be easy to overlook the basics of design that go in to this outdoor masterpiece. Sleeve length is generous to accommodate for additional layers underneath. Under sleeve ventilation is second nature to the design. Torso structure is such to allow for full arm rotation regardless of activity level. Body length is more than ample enough to prevent the waistline from riding up and bunching with active movements. With common sense details sewn into every fiber, it is evident where the 8848 Altitude Wonder Jacket got its name.

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