5 Advantages of Facebook Advertising For Your Small Business

In an age of increasing global competition for customer attention, small businesses must find the right advertising and marketing mix to make their products and services visible. Furthermore, small business must come up with creative ways to reach customers in order to compete against established businesses with large advertising budgets. Fortunately, Facebook advertising offers small businesses a cost effective way of reaching a wide audience. Some of the key benefits of Facebook advertising include:

1. Ease of use

Facebook Ads appear in a customer’s feed, making it easier for advertisers to capture customers’ attention without necessarily interrupting their user experience. In other words, you potential customers would simply scroll down and view your ad as part of their news feed.

2. Targeted Ads

Facebook gives advertisers the option of using targeted ads, which can appear on a potential customer’s page, based on his location, interests and even browsing history. This allows small businesses to concentrate only on the segment of their audience that they feel will bring most value to their businesses.

3. Greater reach

According to statista.com, there were 1.55 billion Facebook users globally as at January 2016. These numbers provide a great opportunity for businesses to reach larger numbers of customers. Even if you are not planning to reach the entire Facebook population, at least 71% of online users have active Facebook accounts, which is a large pool of potential customers.

4. Affordability

Since small businesses cannot compete with large businesses in terms of marketing dollars, they must find the most cost effective methods to market their products and reach sufficient numbers of customers. Facebook ads are charged based on the number of people who view your ads or the number of people who click on the ad and through to your website. As such, you can choose the option that works best for you and save money that you can use in other areas of your business.

5. Access to mobile devices

In 2015, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that over 650 million of its users access Facebook via mobile devices. This is good news for small businesses that want to drive traffic to their sites as they can have ads adapted to mobile devices and reach the customers they need for revenue growth.


Facebook advertising is an easy, cost effective and affordable way to reach the customers you need for your small business. You can use this advertising platform to target ads to specific audiences, as well as modify ads to reach mobile device users.

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