4 Key Web Analytics Metrics To Track

Web analytics involves collecting, analyzing, reporting, and monitoring certain metrics for purposes of improving user experiences, traffic, site content, and brand loyalty. To replicate this approach, you should keep track of the following key metrics.

1. Total visitor numbers

One of the most important metrics that every web-based business should track is total number of site visitors. You could categorize this figure on an hourly, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. This metric is important for several reasons. Firstly, you can use it to compare site visitor numbers before and after launching an online marketing campaign. In addition, you can use these figures to chart traffic growth over time and determine whether your web venture is a success or failure.

2. Traffic source

If you do not know the source of your site’s traffic, you will face difficulties determining whether you are reaching the intended target audience, offering the right content, attracting new visitors, retaining or losing repeat visitors, or growing visitor base. Moreover, you would not be able to identify traffic originating from mobile devices or from traditional desktop PCs and laptops, which translates to difficulty offering content that renders well across all screens. To avoid these and other data analytics related problems, keep track of your site’s traffic sources.

3. Bounce/attrition rate

This is a key metric that you can use to pinpoint problems and rectify them before visitors leave en masse. For instance, you can cross-reference bounce rate data points with traffic source, time, and browsing history data points to determine why visitors are leaving, where they originate from, what actions they take on your site before leaving, and when they are likely to leave your site.

4. Conversion rate

Conversion rate is a popular metric, especially with web marketers. It enables you to calculate the response rate of an email marketing campaign, likelihood of converting leads into sales, as well as the cost of acquiring, retaining, and re-acquiring a consumer.


Successful webpreneurs take corrective actions early before small issues balloon into major problems. To do so, they keep track of key web analytics metrics including conversion rate, total visitor numbers, traffic source and bounce rate.

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