3 Tips for Better Facebook Community Management

Facebook community management has taken on a great degree of importance given the enormous popularity of social media. Millions of people have now come to depend on corporate pages as gateways to information about product launches, promotional sales, and other interesting news. It is also a convenient medium for communication between consumer and company. Community managers have the responsibility of keeping this relationship strong. The following tips can help in maintaining harmony and increasing brand loyalty:

1. Stick to the brand’s image.

Every brand will want to convey a specific image to its target audience. This should align with the company’s values and the kind of product being promoted. For instance, banks and insurance companies would want to assure their clients that they are in good hands. This means projecting an image of competence, efficiency and success. Managers should speak in a serious voice with a conservative tone. Meanwhile, brands related to fashion items like shoes and clothing will want to appear hip, trendy and youthful. Their voice should be lively to attract their kind of crowd.

2. Add pictures and videos to your posts.

Various social media studies have shown that posts with pictures are significantly more popular than those that only have plain text. Images and videos are able to gain the attention of the public especially if it has an engaging or funny message attached to it. This has been proven time and time again with viral posts. Social media users like to share striking images and humorous videos to their friends, who in turn share them with their own respective networks. Be sure to have a good stock of visual media ready for posting. A steady stream of these is needed to keep the interest level high.

3. Reply quickly to questions and comments.

Once you get the public’s attention, be sure not to waste it. Answer questions quickly and respectfully to make people feel that the brand cares about the community. Highlight positive comments and thank them for their kind words. Always be professional despite negativity and put out fires immediately with concise yet thorough clarifications.


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