What is Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an online advertising platform and service by Google, that allows advertisers to display their advertisement to viewers on different websites. The copy of the advertisement is created by the advertiser, and is contextually related to the content of the site where it is displayed. This contextual relevance improves the odds that a viewer might find the advertisement relevant, and therefore improves the odds that they may click the advertisement. Google partners with website administrators, who allow Google to display ads on their sites. The site admins will normally leave some space on their site for the ad, and the space is then filled with JavaScript code given by Google. This code will then display the AdWords ad on behalf of Google.

Google AdWords is the largest service of its kind in the world. It is also the source of more than 90% of Google’s revenue. This makes it a huge product from Google. It offers different kinds of services, from Pay Per Click (PPC) to Cost Per Click (CPC). It also offers Cost Per Aquisition (CPA) advertising, wherein you only pay when you acquire a customer. Another type of advertisement it offers is Cost Per Thousand Impressions advertising. You can create banner ads using Google AdWords, as well as rich media ads. You can also target ads based on the location of the viewer.

There are a number of restriction in the content that can be displayed in your ads. One restriction is that you cannot display a url that is different than the destination url of your ad. This way no one can trick a user into visiting a site that they did not want to visit. Users were being misled by different urls in the advertising copy than the one they landed into. This is why Google introduced this restriction in 2008. Google also does not allow advertisements that promote the sale of hard alcohol. There are also a set of keywords that are not allowed by Google in their ad copy. All these restrictions are very strictly enforced, and you can get your account suspended in Google if you do not follow them.

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