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Tips for Analyzing Your Audience Using Google Analytics

No matter what industry you’re in, understanding your audience is the key to bettering your practices and enhancing customer loyalty. Thanks to modern technology, it’s now easy to dig deeper into your audience to get a glimpse of who’s interacting with your brand, and what drives them to do it as well. One of the […]

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How Facebook Community Management Can Grow Your Brand

Love it or hate it, Facebook is the largest, most widely used, and far-reaching social networking platform available today. Currently the platform enjoys millions of active users and is the leading social media platform for content shares. The content share features are particularly important for business, brand, and project managers seeking to make the most […]

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Why Digital Marketing is an Essential Tool for Small Businesses

There is no denying that we live in a digital world. Everywhere you look people of all ages are on some form of a digital media device. More than likely, you can target your niche market through digital marketing. Digital marketing is quickly becoming one of the best advertising tools you can utilize to grow […]

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Information about Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is a great way to reach people about your business. You can put ads on Facebook that target certain people so that you can meet the goals for you business. There are many people that use Facebook to connect with those around them. They come in all walks of life. This makes it […]

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Understanding Modern Day Digital Marketing

With the rise of the internet era, digital marketing has become a norm for most institutions especially those that target the younger generations. With more people using different digital platforms to socialise, it is inevitable that the businesses take digital marketing seriously. Digital marketing can be broadly defined as the act of advertising products and […]

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Information and benefits of web analytics

Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data for the Web and for the sole purposes of optimizing and understanding the use of the Web. There are eight ways web analytics can be used such as to track where traffic is coming from in order to determine where to invest marketing dollars […]

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How to use Google Adwords to get More Traffic

Adwords is an advertising service from Google that can be used to display advertisements for your website on the the Google search results page, apart from other pages. If someone searches for “men’s shoes”, you could have Google display your advertisement on the result pages of some of the searchers, with the result that they […]

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How to Optimize Your Google AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords are a product by Google and probably the most popular tool of advertisement on the Internet since they helps you to reach out to your target customers. The greatest thing about this tool is that it gets your website listing, according to where and when you need. However, you might lose some money, […]

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Importance of Web Analytics

With the introduction of the Internet, more and more enterprises are going online to capture customers. In an attempt to win prospects, businesses employ effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to get customers and make more sales. However, certain businesses are able to make the best from their website compared to others. These businesses employ […]

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4 Key Web Analytics Metrics To Track

Web analytics involves collecting, analyzing, reporting, and monitoring certain metrics for purposes of improving user experiences, traffic, site content, and brand loyalty. To replicate this approach, you should keep track of the following key metrics. 1. Total visitor numbers One of the most important metrics that every web-based business should track is total number of […]

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