How to use Google Adwords to get More Traffic

Adwords is an advertising service from Google that can be used to display advertisements for your website on the the Google search results page, apart from other pages. If someone searches for “men’s shoes”, you could have Google display your advertisement on the result pages of some of the searchers, with the result that they could be tempted to click your advertisement and visit your site. This is the simplest explanation of how Google Adwords works.

It should be noted that Google does not charge you for creating or displaying your advertisement. It only charges you if someone clicks on your advertisement. This keeps the costs to a minimum, wherein you only have to pay when someone actually clicks your advertisement and visits you site. This is one of the most attractive features of Google Adwords, and very useful when you want to compare the returns of different advertisement campaigns.

You can create a Google Adwords account easily, and then create an advertising campaign. An advertisement in Google Adwords consists of three main parts: Headline, URL and description line. The headline and description lines are displayed to the user, whereas the URL is the site which they are made to visit when they click your advertisement.

The headline can contain up to 25 characters, so and it is displayed in bold. So you should create a catchy headline that attracts the attention of the reader. The description can be minimum of two lines, and can have more lines too space permitting. Each description line can contain up to 35 characters, and these should be used to describe your product or website.

Two important aspects of creating a good ad are keywords used, and having a call to action. Keywords are a very important aspect, because if your website is selling men’s shoes, then you should prominently display the terms ‘mens shoes’ not just in description, but also the headline.

Having a call to action is another important aspect of having an excellent advertisement. A call to action such as ‘buy mens shoes right now’ is a good example of a good statement of call to action.


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