3 Reasons Why Your WordPress Theme Matters

If you are new to blogging, design is probably the last thing on your mind. However, the start of your blog is much like a birth and the content portion (though incredibly important) is only part of your success. Today’s reader demands more from their online experience because there are simply so many great blogs out there. Your goal is to become one of them and if you are going to do that, a building theme that you can base your blog around is very important. Here’s why it matters…
Your Theme Creates Authority.

You already know that keeping your content focused is the secret to a lasting blog and while your content is going to be what keeps your readers around in the long run – first impressions matter too. If you are a foodie blog and you pick a theme that is covered in lilacs, a seaside beach or fashion items… you are going to come across scattered and amateur. A theme that makes sense with what you are writing about will help you to appear authoritative on your subject and keep your readers coming back for more.
It Also Effects Navigation.

Your theme can effect your reader’s ability to navigate your site effectively. A theme effects the layout of your blog and themes with multiple columns can get confusing if you are not careful. Multiple columns often work best for photography blogs where words are not as important. While these multi-column themes can and do work for some people, they can be troublesome for others so be sure to test the waters before you go with a purchased theme.
Your Theme Can Making Reading Difficult or Simple.

Your theme is the “background noise” on your blog. Too much a good thing with overcomplicated designs and out-there fonts can make reading hard. If your blog is hurting your reader’s eyes and making him or her search out the next word with too much struggle… they will leave. Simple as that. When in doubt… keep it simple.
From navigation to creating authority on your subject, your theme reflects your blog’s style and worth. When you take the time to focus on the little details, you will create a lasting following and a blog that you can be proud of.


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